Our Meat

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest of local produce. This is why we, and our customers, consider us to be the best butcher in Salisbury. We use local companies and farmers, whom we trust and have dealt with for many years. This ensures that the standard of meat we sell remains very high.

From local farms

Our Lamb, Pork, Buffalo, and Goat comes from local Farms in Hampshire, mainly in Romsey. All is outdoor reared and free range. This is something we believe is not only important for the well being of the animal, but also helps enhance the quality of the meat.

There are two types of chicken we sell. Our finest Free Range Creedy Carver chickens come from Devon. These premium Chickens are slow grown and and not fed any routine drugs or growth promoters.

Our second chickens are a standard English Farm Fresh Chicken. These have been Barn Reared and importantly meet the standard of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme.

Grass-fed and free range

We buy British Beef, mainly English, but always grass fed and free range. This means that our meat is flavoursome and juicy. We are looking to sign a deal with a new local supplier in Alderbury, so watch this space!

Our Sausages, Burgers and Faggots are all homemade, and have won many awards of the years for our products. So if you’re looking for a barbeque, look no further!

Our sausages are prize winners!

Our list of prize winning sausages is very long. We generally keep a select few favourites always available in the shop – Traditional Pork, Pork and Leek, Wild Boar and Apricot, Cumberland, Lamb and Mint, Spicy Chicken, and Pork Chipolatas. We also make Venison, Pork and Ale, Italiano, Pork and Apple, Pork and Mead, English Breakfast Sausages, Pork and Beetroot, Pork and Ginger to name but a few!!

Gluten-free products

Gluten free products are now very much in high demand. At Pritchetts stock a wide variety of products including…Sausages, Burgers, Faggots, marinated products, condiments, curry sauces, stuffings and much more!

We love to support local companies, big or small! We currently deal with Trackelments of Wiltshire who make all of our condiments, a local family at Ford, who make all of our honey, a lovely chap called Tim from Southampton who makes all our Biltong and Scratchings.

If you are a local supplier and have a product you think we might be interested in stocking, please get in touch.